DPACs and Piston Accumulators

The DPACs for cranes with a heave compensation are designed as four chamber accumulators with high and low pressure oil and gas sides.

An integrated and redundant position measuring system delivers always the information about the current piston position to the system control.

Seal elements from Hunger guarantee with their low friction properties a fast reaction to all fluid requirements and with it for a safe and accurate control of the handled load.

For cylinders running with fast speed piston accumulators are used to deliver the required high flow rates to the cylinders. Typical applications are knuckle boom cranes with a heave compensation or CMCE systems.

The CMCE accumulators are designed with two chambers, one for gas and one for the water based fluid, separated by a piston. The typical volume is about 3.300 liter. These accumulators are equipped with special seals, dessigned for high speed and low friction.

General technical data:
Bore diameter up to:610 mm
Stroke up to:11.292 mm
Pressure range:207 bar



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