Hydraulic Cylinders for Offshore-Applications

Crane cylinders
Safe, lifting and handling of goods on drill ships and other offshore rigs. With our solution of knuckle boom cranes the risk of swinging loads especially under rough weather conditions will become minimized. The lifted loads are under permanent hydraulic control. Special load control valves directly mounted on the cylinders guarantee that there are no uncontrolled movements of main boom or knuckle boom arms. Typical knuckle boom crane is aoperated with four cylinders in total: two knuckle boom cylinders and two main boom cylinders.

N-line tensioner cylinders
N-line tensioner cylinders are used as a stabilisation system of oil drilling ships and platforms for deep-sea drillings with up to 2.500 m water depth. The modern N-line tensioner design is used to ensure a pre-defined tension to the marine riser and to compensate any rig motions like heave, roll or pitch. The system consist of six accumulator leaded, long stroke hydraulic cylinders, which are directly mounted between to drill rig structure on one side and the tension ring on the other side. Because the N-line tensioner cylinders are installed directly in the splash zone with partly submerged piston rods an excellent corrosion protection is necessary. The Ultraplate coating guarantees premium corrosion protection as well as high wear resistance for the continuously moving rods.

Piling barge cylinders
Piling barge cylinders are used for operating ram-cranes on working barges. With these barges, concrete-steel pillars with lengths up to 100 m get rammed in the sea ground used for construction of bridges, quay walls or harbour walls. By the bi-directional working cylinder the mast can be adjusted to different angles to get higher stiffness from the lightly crossed pillars.

Hydraulic cylinders for fire fighting equipment
Standard nowadays is self guided, anti rotation fire fighting cylinders with integrated feed of water and extinguishing agent as well as ectrical lines for the monitor remote control. Our multiple-stage telescope fire fighting cylinders are an optimum solution for limited installation spaces. Part of our scope of supply are associated hydraulic power packs, installed cable drums as well as the control and control elements besides the fire fighting cylinders.

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