Hydraulic Equipment for the Mechanical Engineering

We are the reliable partner of the mechanical engineering since many years. E.g. our delivery program includes hydraulic equipment for:

  • Drawing benches
  • Testing machines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Medium decollators and pressure intensifiers

At the end of the manufacturing process of pipes, made on a spiral pipe- or longitudinal seam machine, pipe testing machines are used. These hydrostatic testing machines are designed for testing the welds of pipes with huge diameter, by means of water pressure. Therefor every pipe is moved seperately in the testing machine and inlays are catching and stabilizing the pipe. Two pipe lifter carriages lifting the pipe to the middle of the axis of the machine. The headstock and the tailstock of the machine are equiped with a ball bracket including ball. A main hydraulic cylinder moves the striker plate towards the pipe, until it is closed tightly between the test heads of the headstock and the tailstock.

A combination of low- and high-pressure pump system fills the pipe with water until the air is out and builds up the required test pressure according to the specification. During the testing of the pipe the pressure of the main press cylinder is increased so as to give a slightly higher end loadto maintain the sealing effect at the ends of the pipe. This balancing effect prevents a damage by overloading of the thin pipe walls.

The technical know-how of our company is also in demand from outside the hydraulics industry, for example in the production of ink rollers for offset printing machines. A modern ink roller today combines sound mechanical engineering with special plastic shaped elements to provide integrated cooling. Special forming technologies are used for the production and assembly of the multiple-layer roller structure, as well as thermal spraying processes and surface technologies for producing the functional ceramic surface.

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