Natural Forces tamed by Human Hand

To be used commercially water requires outstanding engineering and a high level of construction skills.

Hunger is the qualified partner for hydroelectric engineering. Large-dimension hydraulic cylinders with drive and control units made by Hunger are now in use in over 130 dams, locks and weirs all over the globe. They control the functioning of segment, sluice, roller gates and also lock gates and ensure the safe regulation of tur­bines for the large-scale use of water and its energy resources.

Our customer advisory service, project planning, state-of-the-art engineering technology, production and acceptance testing (according to DIN, ASME or national standards) of complete hydraulic solutions and the almost maintenance-free operation of Hunger hydraulic products are our reference and are in worldwide demand. In order to guarantee long operational reliability, piston rods are protected against corrosion and wear with a ceramic coating. Hunger also carries out modernization products where mechanical drives are replaced by hydraulic units. In cramped installation conditions special solutions such as telescopic cylinders are used.

HUNGER Hydraulic Solutions – Successfully Operating Worldwide