Hydraulic Presses

Getting materials into shape
Hunger hydraulic cylinder are used in forging, forming and bending presses where enormous forces of up to 10.000 t per hydraulic cylinder are required.

As a result of the forming processes the hydraulic cylinders are subject to enormous dynamic pressure surges which can only be controlled by precise design calculations, sophisticated cylinder designs and accurate manufacturing.

High-strength aluminium components are used in the aircraft construction. In order to provide the raw material with the required properties aluminium plates are cold compacted in a special press according to precisely specified parameters. The special hydraulic press cylinders when fully assembled are 12 m long, have integrated feed, oil supply and damping units and are operated at peak pressures of up to 600 bar.

For bodywork panel production in motor vehicle construction hydroforming presses are used in which a hydraulic compression force replaces the lower die. This modern forming technology places special demands on the field of high-pressure hydraulics and requires large cylinders for the clamping forces needed during the forming process.

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